MapPort is a new online platform that displays geospatial information in a way that is simple and intuitive. Developed by ENPLAN, MapPort rests on the Boundless open source software stack that leverages standards-based technology to take advantage of the web to deliver information that is associated with particular locations. Our software platform, proprietary data layers, and client-owned datasets are maintained on highly secure cloud-based servers. Custom functionality is achieved as needed through interface applications developed using JavaScript and other common languages.

Access to geospatial data can be provided openly, selectively, throughout enterprises and to the public as necessary. Whether managing infrastructure, deploying services, or delivering information interactively to the public, client datasets become dynamic, relevant, online resources that can be readily engaged and applied. Whatever the level of implementation and configuration, users can access and employ geospatial data seamlessly.

What can it do for my organization?

  • View maps and data from any computer over the web using standard browser software. No Geographic Information System (GIS) or other special software is required.
  • Provide controlled public access to any geospatial data over the web. Any map can be fully password-protected as necessary to ensure security.
  • Enable members of organizations to view interactive maps remotely online using phones, tablets or desktop computers of all types without special skills.
  • Attach data to all managed system features creating a single point of data entry accessible to all concerned.
  • Share data collaboratively and strategically with other organizations, from partners to investors, suppliers and even regulatory agencies.
  • Augment investment and other funding procurement initiatives by effectively defining and communicating potential benefits, shortfalls, project parameters, physical context and so on to investors, granting agencies or lenders. Share live maps real-time.

We scale and contour functionality to meet client needs and budget. Following implementation, you can be confident that your web maps are secure and a mainstream, well-supported solution. A MapPort engine for your organization is only an implementation away.

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