Aerial Imagery

ENPLAN 2010 high-resolution orthoimagery spans the Shasta, Tehama, and Siskiyou County urban regions and beyond, and is available for immediate delivery. A map of our current coverage may be seen here. All of our imagery is full 24 bit color. ENPLAN also maintains a complete archive of imagery from government sources, such as USDA NAIP county mosaics and USGS DOQQs. In-house, this extensive library of proprietary and public orthoimagery datasets is used in our environmental analysis and compliance documentation activities, as well as in the compilation of GIS-based infrastructure and operations management systems. Contact us at (530) 221-0440 x7101 for details as to coverage for a particular area or site.

What is Orthorectification?

Orthorectification is a computerized process wherein aerial imagery is converted to a uniform orthogonal view of the earth surface, hence it is called orthoimagery. Optical distortion and perspective are removed, and real-world coordinates are assigned to each image pixel. Therefore, the location of any feature in the image can be instantly determined, distances and areas computed, and feature relationships interpreted.

Orthoimagery is extremely useful in all stages of project planning and design as well as other activities such as resource management and municipal facilities management. A major benefit of orthoimagery is that it embodies far more information than the planimetric abstractions of typical maps. Orthoimagery shows everything that is there to be seen, from built feature details to vegetation characteristics and land use.

Using Our Orthoimagery

All our imagery is compatible natively with any software that is geospatially enabled. It can also be delivered in JPEG or other formats compatible with standard graphic software and inserted directly into reports, brochures, websites, print ads, and so on. Most orders are delivered within hours. Maps and other visuals can also be compiled and annotated to client specifications by our geospatial staff.