Company Profile

Since inception in 1980, ENPLAN has led the region in strategic implementation of environmental and geospatial technologies.

Our firm pioneered development of analytical methods for environmental impact assessments under CEQA and NEPA. This occurred well before definitive guidelines were formulated and the courts resolved the multiplicity of gaps remaining at issue following introduction of the legislation. We have always held true to the original intent of NEPA and CEQA, including the responsible recommendation of mitigation measures requisite to the preclusion of significant adverse impacts. Our present environmental team is known throughout the North State for balanced and thorough resource assessments and analysis through to reliable and well-respected compliance documentation and permit processing support.

ENPLAN was first in our region to develop broad coverages of high-resolution aerial imagery and digital elevation model data to enable intelligent planning, development and resource analysis. These datasets are used extensively to support a wide array of activities of this nature undertaken by our environmental and geospatial teams on behalf of clients. Our geospatial datasets are also used by all levels of government as well as land owners, engineering and architecture firms, geoscience specialists and others concerned with land-use optimization, resource assessment and regulatory administration. ENPLAN is also the first in the North State to have developed an independent web map platform, MapPortĀ®, capable of hosting geospatial data applicable in scale from individual parcels to continents. The MapPort platform currently hosts specialized maps used by clients in both private and public sectors, including all levels of government.

In summary, the goal of ENPLAN is to always be known for strategic vision, capacity for innovation and thoroughness in the realization of client objectives. This is backed by continuing substantial investment in data, information technology, prerequisite software, equipment, a host of specialized contributing/supporting services, training, and attracting the best qualified team members available. Our mission is clear and constantly reinforced mutually by all within ENPLAN.