GEONOTICE greatly improves the speed and effectiveness of municipal processes for issuing mailed notifications of public hearings or other municipal activities. It enables staff to –

  • Rapidly and accurately select intended recipients.
  • Automatically compile address labels for postal delivery.
  • Minimize risk and provide increased transparency.
  • Better identify potential land use conflicts.
  • Demonstrate compliance with state standards.
  • Seamlessly generate consistent procedure documentation.
  • Create staff report figures without extra steps.
  • Easily share notice recipient selections with others.
  • Filter out duplicate recipients and mailings.
  • Gain flexibility and seamlessly incorporate last-minute changes.
  • Assign noticing responsibility easily to virtually anyone on-staff.

GEONOTICE is based on Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in the cloud. It is a vertical, stand-alone portal dedicated principally to the task of notification by defined geographic area. It uses standard geospatial and other datasets available for a particular municipality. No on-station or on-site software is required other than a browser. It can be accessed from any computer and is password-protected. GEONOTICE is vastly superior to existing methods and technologies, from cutting and pasting paper assessor maps through to compiling lists using standard GIS software. GEONOTICE can be operated by just about anyone with all desired results obtained. Plus GEONOTICE provides rich, intuitive visualization, and makes sharing, distribution and documentation simple. By contrast, compilation of lists using standard multi-purpose GIS software is tedious, technically complicated, and requires substantial training in the particular GIS application.

In addition, GeoNotice consistently meets the standards of accuracy and inclusiveness desired by municipalities. For example, if the objective is simply strict compliance with California Government Code Sections 65090-65096, that is, notification of all owners of real property within 300’ of the real property that is the subject of a hearing, GEONOTICE does it in a breeze, and correctly. This is in contrast to the only other automated online notification utility available that measures distance from the parcel centroid, as opposed to the perimeter, as specified in the code. Also by contrast, all parcels meeting the 300’ criterion are positively selected by GeoNotice, and none are omitted, as with the other utility. Furthermore, GEONOTICE label output options make selective inclusion of residents easy, without risk of excluding property owners.

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