Project Management

Strategic planning and specialist team management is a well-established capability of ENPLAN. We handle all aspects of master entitlement processing. Logistics mapping, baseline data acquisition, constraints analysis, system feasibility studies, conceptual design, project definition, agency participation, review coordination, environmental assessment, entitlement formulation, and funding procurement are specialties of our team. We are well aware that worthwhile projects do not simply happen. They are driven with strategic focus and the intelligent application of energy and resources by our clients.

ENPLAN has had the privilege of delivering projects as diverse as planned residential developments, municipal wastewater treatment systems, alpine ski facilities, hydroelectric dam reservoir restoration, and transportation infrastructure.

  • Environmental Constraints Analysis
  • Terrain and Slope Analysis
  • Site Development Logistics
  • Buildable Area Delineation
  • Infrastructure Feasibility Studies
  • Jurisdictional Benefits Assessments
  • Viewshed Analyses
  • Critical Path Mapping
  • Digital Elevation Data Processing
  • Agency Liaison