Geospatial Technology Coordinator

ENPLAN has a position open with excellent upside potential. We have some very cutting-edge projects underway both in R&D and contract work.


This position supports the development of products and the delivery of services by ENPLAN for both the public and private sectors throughout the North State. The project manager will collaborate with a team that is committed to leading-edge quality and innovation in the solutions we deliver.

  • Collaborate with programmers and UI designers in the development of online portals.
  • Design and implement Esri and PostgreSQL spatial databases.
  • Develop and coordinate GIS project workflows.
  • Compile data for municipal and environmental resource GIS applications.
  • Compose digital maps and project visualizations.
  • Render aerial imagery and LiDAR digital elevation data into geospatial products.
  • Conduct data source research.
  • Maintain client liaison and quality control.
  • Present deliverables, train end-users, support project implementation.
  • Collaborate closely with other staff.
  • BA/BS in geospatial information systems, computer science, or a related field.
  • Expertise with ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Knowledge of ArcGIS Online and/or open-source web mapping applications.
  • Familiarity with relational databases and SQL.
  • Professional experience in GIS compilation, database development and geospatial data processing.
  • Working knowledge of GPS technology and its application to GIS compilation.
  • Compelling interest in reaching out to emerging GIS markets.
  • Strong graphic composition and writing skills.
  • Enthusiastic and motivated. Serious desire to learn.

Pay is dependent on capabilities and experience. Benefits available to qualified employees include company health and dental insurance cost share, retirement plan, paid holidays, paid leave, and professional development. Non-smokers only, please.


Email your resume, writing and other work-product samples to Please describe your interest in working on new product development, coordinating actions of team members, and being located in the Redding area.