CMAS Procurement

Avoid Procurement Hassles

Any State or local government body, including educational institutions, may purchase geospatial information services from ENPLAN directly at preset prices without going through a competitive bid procurement process as otherwise mandated by State law. This is accomplished through our California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract. The prices have been determined by the California Department of General Services (DGS) to be “fair, reasonable and competitive.” Consequently, state and local government agencies can hire ENPLAN through our CMAS contract and obtain prices assured to be at or below market while also avoiding the staff time, expense and delays involved in the RFP/RFQ solicitation process.

A Full Range of Geospatial Services

Services available through our CMAS contract include compilation of geospatial datasets, geographic information system (GIS) development, MapPort online GIS portal implementation, and the preparation of related planning and programming documents. More specific examples include GIS design; digital orthoimagery compilation; infrastructure and parcel polygon schematics compilation; attribute attachment; database design and maintenance; data conversion; risk conditions analysis; environmental resource data collection/analysis; quality assurance/control; front-end implementation and training.

No CMAS Fees

State and local government agencies pay no fees to the DGS for use of our CMAS contract to procure our services. This is because ENPLAN is a Small Business Enterprise certified by the California Office of Small Business Certification and Resources, a unit within the DGS Procurement Division.

ENPLAN geospatial information services are classified by DGS as a subset of Information Technology (IT). Our CMAS Contract Number is 3-10-70-1253C. Our certification reference number is 0015371.

For general information, price schedules, and details on goods and services available through our CMAS contract, see the CMAS Website. To view our CMAS contract please click here.

If you would like more information on our CMAS contract, and how we can serve your agency, please email